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If you want both power and practicality included in your program, then Kathy Collard Miller is the speaker for you! Kathy portrays God's healing power and communicates practical principles from His Word.

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One of Larry’s main themes of “Acting Like Men” comes from Paul’s admonition in 1 Cor. 16:13-14, “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” His presentations teach men how to do just that!

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Speaking Together

When Larry and Kathy married, there were stars in their eyes for each other. Larry believed he had found a woman who would share his dreams and goals for the future, and be just as motivated to succeed in business and life. Kathy was convinced her new husband was her Prince Charming who would meet all her needs and understand her feelings.

But seven years later, Larry was convinced Kathy didn’t share his dreams to get ahead as he worked two jobs and enjoyed flying as a hobby. Kathy, in turn, only saw that her Prince Charming’s armor was tarnishing-in fact, rusted! She felt misunderstood and unloved, unable to comprehend why Larry was never home to help raise their two young children and give her the emotional support she craved. Feeling overwhelmed, she displaced her anger from Larry onto their two-year-old daughter and considered suicide as the only solution for her problems.

Both wondered how the emotional distance they were experiencing could have developed when they both believed God had brought them together to enjoy a perfect marriage made in heaven!

In their hurt and distrust, they each cried out to God. God in his mercy and grace, brought them back together in unity through a process of growth. They learned to love each other unconditionally, realizing that previously they had each misunderstood the other’s motives and “definition of love.” In time, Larry and Kathy built with God’s help a new foundation for love and began sharing the insights they’d received with others.

Today, after being married over 40 years, Larry and Kathy love to share the story of God’s healing in their marriage and lives. With a background in Marriage Encounter, they share with audiences nationally and internationally, practical, Biblical principles for reinforcing and restoring marital love, unity and commitment.

Larry, a retired police lieutenant from Huntington Beach, California, is the author of 9 books (some co-authored with Kathy). Kathy is the author of 50 books (some co-authored with Larry). Together, they have authored the God’s Vitamin “C” for the Spirit series and When the Honeymoon’s Over. Their latest book is Never Ever Be The Same: A New You Starts Today. They have also appeared on television and radio programs.

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